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ASA Summit 2019

Friday, September 18 – Saturday, September 19, 2020
New York New York Hotel & Casino – Book Your Room With Special Rate Here
Las Vegas, NV
There are no discounts for staff or additional members of your Dojang

The ASA Summit is a gathering of top martial art teachers and masters who come together with the common goal of helping to help grow the popularity of taekwondo … and our member’s schools.

Currently, less than 3% of the US population practices martial arts. Our goal is to increase this percentage to 10% via an awareness campaign and establishing high professional standards for the martial arts industry.

At the ASA Summit, top school owners teach effective ways to increase the value of martial arts in your community, promote your school without gimmicks or selling out, and improve your martial arts teaching skills.

Come to the Summit and learn how to dramatically grow your school, be a better resource for your community, and become the # 1 choice for kids and families to train in martial arts.

NOTE: “There will be an optional dinner for all ASA attendees to network and get to know ASA Executives, Advisory Board members, Speakers, and Sponsors. The cost is $32/person which includes tip and gratuity.  Alcohol and transportation is not included”

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