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Why Marketing is so Important

Master Chan Lee shares his expertise on martial arts marketing. Loading the player for 5MNC7FJszrB…

Marketing Specifically for the Summer Season

What areas to focus for the summer season. Loading the player for 8hfGy5V4TZn…

Program Memberships

Master Chan Lee discusses different types of program memberships for your school Loading the player for 73cG65mx5Mh…

Easter Holiday Promotions

Learn how to successfully launch an Easter Holiday event for your school.

Departments for Successful Operations

Master Chan Lee shares different departments that need to work together.

All About After School Summer Camps

Master Brian So shares what is needed to run a successful after school summer camp.

Master Jim Nam’s Secrets to His Success.

Master Jim Nam shares his secrets and how to’s on his successful formula.

How to Grow Your School

Master Jim Nam and Master Chan Lee share their expertise on growing a martial arts school