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ASA Summit 2022

Special Early Pricing Ends August 15th

Friday, September 30 – Saturday, October 1, 2022
Ballys Hotel & Casino – Book Your Room With Special Rate Here
Las Vegas, NV
$399 ($299 Early Registration)

The ASA Summit is a gathering of top martial art teachers and masters who come together with the common goal of helping to help grow the popularity of taekwondo … and our member’s schools.

Currently, less than 3% of the US population practices martial arts. Our goal is to increase this percentage to 10% via an awareness campaign and establishing high professional standards for the martial arts industry.

At the ASA Summit, top school owners teach effective ways to increase the value of martial arts in your community, promote your school without gimmicks or selling out, and improve your martial arts teaching skills.

Come to the Summit and learn how to dramatically grow your school, be a better resource for your community, and become the # 1 choice for kids and families to train in martial arts.

NOTE: “There will be an optional dinner for all ASA attendees to network and get to know ASA Executives, Advisory Board members, Speakers, and Sponsors. The cost is $50/person which includes tip and gratuity.  Alcohol and transportation is not included”

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Friday, September 30, 2022

11:30 (or 12:00) – 1:00 PM – Participant check-in, Badge Pickup, visit vendors

1:00-4:30 PM – Training with top UFC coaches and Taekwondo champions for more drills in your dojang.

ATTIRE: Taekwondo Dobok

4:45-5:45 PM  – Opening Ceremonies, Introduction of speakers, State of the Taekwondo industry and the future of Taekwondo

ATTIRE: Informal or Dobok

7:00 – 9:00 PM  -Networking dinner (Optional) at Korean Restaurant TBD.  Dinner cost NOT included in conference fee.  Transportation is NOT included.  $____/person (includes meal, tax, and gratuity).  Alcohol is not included

ATTIRE: Casual 

9:30 PM – FInish  – Networking location TBD. 

Saturday, October 1st

8:00-9:00 AM – continental breakfast and networking with the speakers  (Included in conference fee)

9:00am – 5:00 PM – Seminars with the top taekwondo school owners in the country.

Master Chan Lee – How the pandemic taught me to be more efficient and run a 300 active school with only 1 full time instructor. 

Master Brett Rigdon – From the Master who has done it all: 15 locations, owning multiple strip malls and building a Taekwondo empire. Learn the secrets to negotiating the best lease for your dojang, purchase commercial buildings and developing an exit strategy in the Taekwondo business. 

Grandmaster Ryan Andrachik– Learn how to build 8 dojangs and dominate your area.Learn how to develop top level competitors in Taekwondo while operating a highly successful business. 

Master Amitis Pourarian – Former U.S. National Team Member, Master Pourarian, is one of the most successful single school owners in America. She has nearly 1,000 members between her Taekwondo program, Ninja Obstacle Course, and fitness programs and clears well over $1,000,000 from her part time studio. And, THE STUDIO is not her full time career. Learn the secrets of time management, marketing, and teaching. Master “P” lectures for the taekwondo industry because she wants every school owner /instructor to know their worth and the value they bring to their community and the world. 

Grandmaster Sung Kim – One of the most innovative marketing Masters in the Taekwondo industry. Learn his marketing secrets of how he built a Taekwondo empire in Rochester, NY

Master S. J. Lee – Learn how Master Lee used Taekwondo as a tool to maximize a students potential to get to top colleges. Master Lee’s students have gotten into West Point, the Naval Academy, Harvard, and the Air Force Academy. Maximize your curriculum to benefit your students’ growth. 

MindSet Mike– Coach Mike is a mindset coach to top athletes around the world including many UFC champions.  Using the Secrets of elite athletes to level up your business by aligning purpose and passion to create a plan for sustainable success in your academy 


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