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Learn the secrets to teaching and running a million dollar school from ASA.

American Sabumnim Association (ASA) Convention 2018 is being hosted by some of the most successful school owners in the industry. This isn’t an event that is based on selling you programs. This event is 100% based on grass-roots school owners helping each other. The goal of ASA Convention 2018 is to make sure that you have the opportunity to network and learn from other owners and experts in the field. There is no other event like the ASA for professional martial artists. It is perfect for all school owners from those who have a hundred students to those who have thousands.

Our Mission:

To educate martial art school owners how to market their schools and become better teachers

Our Vision:

To make traditional martial arts the #1 activity for kids and families in the United States.

What is the American Sabumnim Association (ASA)?


ASA is a group of martial art school owners, masters, instructors, and professionals, networking together for a common goal. To maintain high professional standards within the martial arts industry, and enhance the business management skills of operating a martial arts school.

ASA hosts an annual conference and invites all its members to learn, share, and network together. ASA speakers are well established in the martial arts industry and leaders in their respective skillset. They travel to meet once a year to share their secrets and explain how to create a successful and profitable school system.

ASA Charter offers our member consistent and essential materials every month to help their martial arts school grow.


  • Access to ASA’s webinars and conference calls with top school owners
  • Access to valuable resources on ASA’s private online membership site (e.g., ASA certification online courses, webinar archives, 12-month marketing plan, sales scripts)
  • Copyright-free martial arts school operations manual with policies, procedures and forms for hiring, employee management, and school management
  • Interaction with other members on ASA’s private Facebook group
  • Special group discounts from ASA partners (e.g., uniforms, sparring gear, insurance, lead generation/conversion systems, active shooter training, women’s safety training)
  • Premium listing as an ASA-certified school on and
  • and much, much more for only $199 monthly

Our Sponsors

What We do

ASA Convention 2018

Come to the ASA Convention on October 5th & 6th and learn how to dramatically grow your school, be a better resource for your community, and become the # 1 choice for families to train in your martial arts school.

ASA Board Members & Officers

Meet the visionary leader of ASA – Master Chan Lee and his dedicated group of school owners who share his vision.

Contact Us

Please contact us for additional information about our association and our upcoming ASA Convention 2018 event.


I was impressed with the humility and openness of the people of ASA. They really wanted to help each other be their best and all had a learners mindset to grow. I’m lucky to be a part of such a great group of Masters.
Sara Staczak WI
WOW. I was impressed with the number of great master teachers I was able to meet at ASA. I have never seen so many world champions and Olympians in one room. In addition, I have never met so many martial art millionaires in one room. I have been to many seminars but there is nothing like the power of ASA that puts top martial arts school owners together to help each other learn.
Master Brian So VA
I am lucky to have so many top school owners I can learn from and network with at ASA. They have been great mentors and teachers for me. ASA is one of the main reason I was able to grow from one to three school locations. It’s one of the secrets to my success.
Master Jim Nam CA
It’s great to meet like-minded and traditional martial art school owners who are dedicated to making martial arts the best in the U.S. Our five schools and 1700 students benefit greatly from being a part of this organization. I look forward to continued networking and learning with these group of masters
Master Jason Yi VA


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