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American Sabumnim Association (ASA) is a global network of traditional martial arts teachers who are committed to four goals:

  • Ensure high professional standards within the martial arts industry
  • Increase public awareness of the benefits of traditional martial arts
  • Enhance the business management skills of school owners and staff
  • Become top teachers of taekwondo


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ASA offers 2 outstanding services:

  1. Attend our summit event in Las Vegas on September 27 & 28, 2019. Successful school owners are invited to share their effective ways to increase the value of martial arts in your community, promote your school without gimmicks or selling out, and improve your martial arts teaching skills.
  2. Join our monthly premier membership to receive martial arts educational content, products and services to help attract more new students, increase reach in your communities, enhance your program offerings, increase student retention and engagement, and build a more successful, more stable business.
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